Great Sports Pictures Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Can I order additional photos and accessories after the season?

  • Yes...all images are captured digitally and will be stored by CSI. This enables you to contact us at a later date to reorder additional prints and accessories. These accessories make great gifts for Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas, and other holidays and birthdays. To receive special offers via email, please join our mailing list.

What images are used on the accessory items?

  • For the best display, we use a basic photo image of the participant on the photo accessories such as the mugs, mouse pads, etc.

Can I order Action Accessories without ordering an Action Package?

  • In order for us to produce an action accessory, our photographers must first capture your sons and/or daughters in an action pose and this is only offered in Action Package I and II.

How can I receive more information about Cardinal Sports Imaging?

  • Simply fill out the form on the Contact Us section and we will be glad to add your name to our mailing list and keep you up to date as new information is made available.

Will CSI provide a rebate or make a donation to our organization?

  • CSI is proud to work with youth organizations, high schools and colleges and will donate 5% of the sales to the organization to assist with fundraising efforts.

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